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Corporation Culture

The core element of our corporate culture is our outlook on our "Through innovation, demonstrating value" and leadership principles formulated creed.

In order to achieve our business goals, we will send a flexible, mobility, self-confident employees are ready to carry the obligation, and a global perspective to think and work.

Our plans for the future (Leitbild) and prospects for employees with leadership principles guide the selection and evaluation.

In order to achieve all aspects of enterprise continuous innovation, we will inspire employees and managers of human creativity, ability and commitment and willingness to learn and change.

The company will delivery obligations to employees and recognize their success, performance and to achieve specific goals for their contributions.

Salary and grade will be according to their tasks, performance and achievements, as well as comparative and competitive set.

Open communication is an important element of corporate culture.

Regardless of nationality, gender or religion, our employees work in accordance with relevant qualifications, social skills, personal wishes, the willingness to accept responsibility and in accordance with the company's needs and provide professional development opportunities for all employees.

We are committed to creating an all employees can foster entrepreneurial thinking and behavior of the continuous learning of knowledge, training, and learning from the work discussed in an open work environment.