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The operation of any organization, both thanks to the support of staff. Staff is also an enterprise's "eyes and ears" because they stand in the forefront of the business, more often than employers earlier problem and finding solutions. Therefore, employee engagement and satisfaction, to enhance the company's performance is very important. In fact, employees sometimes referred to as "internal customers", which shows the importance of them.

If an employee work satisfaction, the employer may obtain the following from the staff who all paid off:
Increase in productivity - employees more investment, higher productivity will

Stronger sense of belonging, the attrition rate will be lower

Defend "Corporate Pillars" - for example, if the outstanding salesperson turnover, often followed by the loss of large customers

Reduce recruitment and training costs - to train new employees and experienced staff to achieve the same level of skills and knowledge, need to devote a lot of time. Therefore retain talent, help the company avoid brain drain.

Easier to attract and retain talent. Stanford Business School study indicates that MBA graduates want to be able to join treat employees, focusing on business ethics of the company.

Caring staff, corporate social responsibility is a part. This will help enhance the corporate image, in addition to bringing more business, but also to attract more talented employees.

Greater sense of involvement - when employees happy, there is pride in the job, it will be more professionalism and more willing to cooperate with the company reasonable suggestions and changes.