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Dot Matrix Receipt Printer
Product Name:Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

Product No:124553-680
Was Price:0Dollar/Carton Now Price:0Dollar/Carton
Last update:2013.06.27
Manufacturer:UTG Taiwan
MP220(BP007), with its innovative housing design, good print quality and superior reliability, suitable for food and beverage, retail and other service industries roll invoice printing.

Product Features
● Overall design, easy to use
maximum support 76mm width roll invoice

● standard black standard features, support invoice printing

Interchangeable modular Printer Interface: USB port, parallel port, serial port, Ethernet port (out of four)

● High-speed printing: 4.7 lines / sec (76mm paper width)
  6.0 lines / sec (58mm paper width)
Stable and reliable: MCBF 1200 million lines
● Super Copy: 1 +2 copy capability to meet demand for invoice printing roll
● Can Gache Cutter